Artistic route



_____________ ABOUT THE ARTWORK _____________

The universe of Gratienne BONAN is a dive in a heavenly, galactic world, where the human being, the dust of star, is omnipresent. Gratienne Bonan is a painter of the elements that are the fire, the water, the earth, the air. Her paintings abolish by their plastic expression any usual dimensional references. Her paintings appear to us unclearly as representational or abstract painting. They are internal landscapes, rich in feelings, in sensations, in blazing colors.


_________________ ARTISTIC ROUTE ________________


Born in 1953, after studies of art history, Bonan is interested in the photography and follows a learning with VARTA (" lookout of human expression " and collusive in Mac-Orlan). A long collaboration with him follows.

From 1985, learns about the traditional graphic and plastic techniques through journeys in Italy, the United States, Central America where it studies its civilizations. Of return in France, work as illustrator and makes sets of scene stage. She begins to paint simultaneously series of paintings inspired by the Amerindian soul. They will be paintings rich in colorful colors, in the complex structures being linked the some in the others. She formalizes bodies ripped, cut from expressions more festive than macabre there.

Since 2000, she works on a representation of the fundamental éléménts that are the fire, the water, the ground and the air. Every element is treated according to a specific pictorial technique, passing of glacis transparent in opaque materials. The result expresses a sensation of infinite space, depth either movement.

If in its current work any human representation seems absent in its painting, he lives in it essence. The work of Bonan extends beyond widely dimensions appropriate of the painting.

For her, to paint these fabulous energies in movement, it is indifferently to paint the Man in his cosmogonical dimension and to assail the ideas received at the time and the space, on the place occupied by the complex creatures whom we are. It is in fact to reaffirm, to restore a timeless and universal consciousness.

Abolishing by their plastic expression any usual dimensional references, the paintings appear to us unclearly in a representational or abstract acceptance.

Since 2000, besides her personal work, she dedicates itself to a reflection on our societal future, through the co-realization of the pictorial entertainment " ESPECESPACE ".